Welcome to Peninsula Cancer Institute, a comprehensive cancer treatment network with multiple locations in southeastern Virginia, Newport News, Williamsburg and Gloucester.

Peninsula Cancer Institute is dedicated to taking cancer personally. You can count on a highly individualized approach to care that is tailored to the specific diagnosis and distinct medical and holistic needs of each person. The result is the most appropriate treatment plan possible and the understanding that we're not just treating cancer … we're treating the cancer that affects you and your family.

Our cancer care specialists include:

  • physicians who are board-certified in hematology, medical oncology and palliative medicine
  • oncology-certified registered nurses
  • a certified family nurse practitioner
  • a registered dietitian certified in oncology nutrition
  • a clinical research team that provides our patients with access to the latest clinical trials

Working together as a close and experienced team, we provide patients and their families with innovative and personalized care. PCI's treatment team also includes full-time integrative medicine specialists who cover a wide range of on-site patient services including:

  • patient education
  • nutritional counseling
  • massage therapy
  • pet therapy
  • family services with direct connections to Home Health Care, Social Services and Hospice Care

We are a part of the Riverside Medical Group, a network of more than 300 doctors practicing in nearly every medical specialty. You can expect timely appointments, easy access to our office via our patient portal, fast referrals and coordinated care with other Riverside specialists and your primary care doctor.